I believe that each person is unique, with passions, talents and motivations that cause them to be highly productive and fulfilled when they work within these areas.
— Holger Schein

Happy Clients


I have been coached by Holger for the last several years and, without a doubt, these coaching times have made a huge impact in my growth...I have particularly valued the way Holger has helped me to identify the talents and strengths that I have and how he has helped give value to them. 

— rachel Byrnes, non-profit worker

Many times, Holger's insight into our lives and relationship came from such a depth of understanding that the discernment he showed into our hearts and minds was nothing more than astounding.

— JH BEETGE, film Director/writer

Holger is a gifted coach! He has a natural talent for giving other people vital insights about themselves. He has coached us one-to-one, as a couple and our whole team together – and each time it has lead to breakthrough in personal understanding and more fruitful working together. 

— Jo plummer, director of communications

Holger was able to bring me into an understanding of how I needed to develop my strengths by working intentionally to "tame" them to work for me. I also appreciated Holger's intuitiveness and creativity in the coaching process. He was a great encouragement to me in moving forward. 

— pam drennan, counsellor 


“Our coaching times have really helped me to not only identify my strengths, but also have been tremendously helpful in giving me practical ways to grow in them as I relate to friends, family and work colleagues …

… What I appreciated so much was Holger's ability to identify my skills and talents, that were so different to his own, and speak in a way that celebrated them and encouraged me to pursue their maturing. His input, permission and encouragement led me to adjust the trajectory of my vocation in ways I can't imagine happening otherwise. 

— Rachel & Liam byrnes non-profit worker & THeology Student

I met Holger at a crisis point in my life. My career was in sharp decline. I was confused about my calling and purpose. During a two year period, Holger, through a series of listening conversations, helped me to feel safe with myself again. Asking intuitively formulated questions to guide me in a deepening of my faith, I gained clarity about who I was and learned to love myself again. 

— dougal paTterson, photographer & big-wave surfer

Holger has been instrumental by coaching my husband and me as we transitioned into another culture, led overseas mission groups and served on the leadership team of a missions organisation. His coaching was instrumental in my understanding of who I am and how to lead my life in a manner that was healthy and impactful for those around me.  

— Deby Aho, Cross-Cultural Christian Worker