Pricing + Services


Good coaching adapts to a person’s needs and abilities and place in life.

My goal is to make high quality, personable and relational coaching as accessible as possible for people motivated to find the growth they need. 

The descriptions here are an indication of what I can provide. Usually I will need people to cover my transport costs and make an optional donation as they can to enable me to keep doing in helping people grow.

If you cannot find a description that fits you, please reach out to see if we can connect you with someone else. 


StrengthsFinder Coaching

  • top 5 talent coaching (individuals/couples)

Per session — cover transport costs and an optional donation —

This is a 2-hour session in which we explore your top 5 Talents, the dynamic between them and how to develop them into Strengths.

(Couples are encouraged to sit in with your partner’s coaching session. A further session can be arranged to further look at the dynamics between the individual’s Talents within the couple).

  • team coaching

Cover transport costs and an optional donation based on size of team

Each individual will need to receive their “Top 5” coaching before the team session(s) (see above).

We will then have a group session discussing the resulting dynamics within the team and how to work together more effectively.  

  • 34 talent coaching

Per session (suggested 4 sessions) — cover transport costs and an optional donation —

This can follow a “Top 5” coaching time. It entails 60-90 min sessions where we explore the dynamic of your Talents, with the focus on applying the insights on a daily basis in your given context. The goal is to develop your Talents into Strengths, where you can contribute consistently and seamlessly within your personal context and relationships. 

This coaching might stretch over 1-4 months depending on need and personal circumstances. Sessions will take place in a time frame agreed between us.  




Needs assessment chat

Free — If you would like to explain your needs before making a decision which of the options below fits, let's make a time! 

life-phase / work transition coaching

Cover transport costs and an optional donation

Transition causes stress, and often we don’t realise the causes of our stress. We simply experience the tension. 

In these sessions, we identify the transition that a person, couple or group might be experiencing.  We will look at losses, lessons to embrace and what to focus on in order to transition successfully. 

couples / parenting / family coaching

Cover transport costs and an optional donation —

This is an opportunity to look at family dynamics, and how to walk through challenges that can be experienced in a family setting.