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Holger Schein

Certified StrengthsFinder Level 3 Coach

For the past 30 years, I have worked with individuals, couples and teams to help each gain the relational intelligence needed to fulfill their potential.

I have experience working via online environments, traveling to work with teams, or meeting up in person here in South Africa.

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Why I Do What I Do...

When you are aware of your talents and begin to develop your skills, you are able to take your place with confidence, influencing those around you in a lasting and fulfilling way.

I believe that each person is unique, with passions, talents and motivations that cause them to be highly productive and fulfilled when they work within those areas.

Part of our life journey is to become, in that sense, more fully ourselves. When we develop and hone these talents into tools, and when these tools are skilfully used, it will add a rich contribution to our team, work and arena.

What Motivates Me?

I am highly motivated to help people identify those specific passions and talents within themselves and then develop these. Together, we will seek to remove obstacles that may be holding you back, helping you to become more effective and confident in playing your part within your relationship, team, organization and the world.

I am convinced that this happens most effectively in the context of relationships. Learning how to navigate in and through relationships, and how to understand others around you, are essential skills required in moving forward in your journey towards maturity.

The more you understand who you are, and the more you know, understand and relate healthily to those around you, the more free you will be to take your place within your team, making an effective contribution for the benefit of all.

My Toolbag and Experience

Through the use of ‘StrengthsFinder’ (Gallup), processing, coaching, sharing of resources, adding understanding and more, I seek to empower people to take personal responsibility for their own growth, development and decisions with the goal to enable them to move forward in their journey of becoming more fully themselves.

In my own journey, I have been involved for 30 years in international and multicultural coaching with individuals, couples, teams and leadership situations. During the last 10 years, the StrengthsFinder tool, developed by Gallup, has proven to be an effective platform in the coaching process of all the above areas.